Games for Change Awards Ceremony video and winners

On June 22nd, the 8th Annual Games for Change Festival in New York City came to a close with its 2nd Annual Games for Change Awards ceremony. Amanda Hirsch, on-line media strategist and cultural blogger and former editorial director of, hosted the ceremony. The Awards recognize excellence in “games for change” that address current… Read more »

Games for Change Festival interviews: Funders, Creators, Leaders

This year at the Games for Change Festival, we worked with the talented team from The Collaborative to create a series of nine short interviews profiling a selection of funders, creators, and leaders in the Games for Change space. Each video can be viewed individually or viewed altogether on the Games for Change: Funders, Creators, Leaders Vimeo… Read more »

#G4C2011 blog round up

The 8th Annual Games for Change Festival is now over! During the Festival, it was impressive how active the #G4C2011 twitter feed was and now that we have time to catch our breath and look over our e-mails, we’re reading over all the amazing blog posts, wrap ups, and photos sent in from our wonderful community…. Read more »

10 Good Minutes with Dan White of Filament Games

This interview is a guest post from Adrian Sanders from Kill Screen. Shortly after his great Games For Change presentation called “Innovations in Business and Funding Models“, Kill Screen sat down with CEO of Filament Games Dan White to learn more about what separates educational games from commercial ones and why making commercial games is… Read more »

Public Media and Games

By Marj Kleinman At a time when public and educational media budgets are skimpy, yet under attack by a variety of sources, major governmental agencies have been speaking out in support of gaming as a major engagement force and artistic medium–and this was only at a day and an hour into Games for Change 2011. Yesterday,… Read more »

Kotaku's Liveblogging of the Gore Keynote

Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo will be liveblogging Al Gore’s keynote for the 8th Annual Games for Change Festival. Find the Liveblogging here.

Two upcoming Korean "games for change"

It is exciting to hear how successful “Games for Change” in one region can inspire others across different borders, languages, cultures, and themes. We recently spent some time talking to Suzanna Samstag, the head of the Games for Change Korea Chapter. We discussed her work with the Korean Government and commercial companies, particularly around two… Read more »