Games for Change in the media, April 2011

This week, the field of Games for Change enjoyed main stream exposure on two major media outlets. It’s always exciting for us to catch a glimpse of how this emerging genre is perceived publicly, and who is sharing our community’s message of advancing the use of games to create positive social impact.

G4TV’s X-Play, the popular, tongue in cheek, video game TV news and review show ran a short segment on Games for Change. The show, hosted by Morgan Webb and Adam Sessler, featured some games curated on our website during the “X-Play Recommends” section of the show. Some of the games featured include: Energy City, Oiligarchy, Rizk, Wildfire, and Evoke. We’re glad to see X-Play give wide attention to game creators from the US, Italy, London and The Philippines.

Seeing mainstream video game television embrace Games for Change (and cracking jokes at hard-core gamers while doing so) is a big step forward in what we hope to accomplish as a community and organization.

Also this month, Fast Company, featured a blog post on their website from Judah Schiller, co-founder and CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi S, a San Francisco based consulting firm focused on activating companies for good. Fast Company covers the overlap between business, technology and social responsibility. Schiller’s article points out groups who are challenging the status quo of how society and the business world should view games. Among the many groups pointed out in the article is Games for Change in addition to the educational startup Motion in Math and the work of Byron Reeves and J. Leighton Read and their book Total Engagement. The full article can be found here.

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