Games for Change Digital Workshop at Harvard Kennedy School

On Tuesday, March 29th, at 6pm, Games for Change co-President Asi Burak will be giving a workshop at the Harvard Kennedy School. The Kennedy School has a long history dating back to the 1930s and The Great Depression. For over 70 years, it has stood as a leader in studying public policy and preparing its… Read more »

3 educational, game making tools

Historically, computer mastery was only in the realm of those interested and dedicated enough to learn how to use these complex machines. As technology progressed and became cheaper and more ubiquitous, computers became more accessible. Today it seems like anyone can create music, movies and art on their computers.

3 ways video games are giving back

On March 11th, a massive 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit the coast of Northeast Japan at 2:46pm (JST). As the news spread all over world, various news outlets, websites and companies rushed to create resources to help the Japanese people. One of the many communities that used their resources to aid Japan was the video game… Read more »

Real-world Games for Change Challenge 2011

Games for Change is pleased to announce a new collaboration with the Come Out & Play Festival. Together, we’re teaming up to commission a newly designed outdoor game to kick-off the 8th Annual Games for Change Festival. The game will run Sunday, June 19, Father’s Day, and will be featured in this summer’s brand new… Read more »