Gaming the Future and US debut of Fate of the World

Fate of the World made its US debut today as part of Gaming the Future: Connecting Innovation & Education, a national press conference and interactive science exhibition in Asheville, North Carolina. This global strategy game allows players to save the world from the effects of climate change in a simulated format. It is the latest… Read more »

Interview with Hey Baby creator, Suyin Looui

Many people argue that today’s blockbuster “violent” video games are mainly created for boys and young men. As the market becomes saturated with more games of this type, it’s hard to tell them apart. “Hey Baby”, is one “violent” video game that you would never confuse with the others that are topping the sales charts…. Read more »

Breakaway, a soccer game about gender violence

It’s not often that a video game about the dynamics of a soccer team serves as an introduction to violence and gender discrimination. However, the Emergent Media Center at Champlain College decided to use such a narrative to draw young boys in and teach them the importance of teamwork and gender equality. This unique take… Read more »

8th Annual Games for Change Festival 2011 Content: Speaking, Awards, Demos

With the 8th Annual Games for Change Festival (June 20-22) inching closer every day we’re excited to take the next step in preparations. Today we’re putting out the official Call for Content so you can participate in the event, often referred to as “the Sundance of Video Games”. First and foremost, the deadline to submit… Read more »