Meetup Everywhere Highlight: San Francisco

With over 80 members, the San Francisco Games of Change Meetup community is going strong and doing things we couldn’t have initially imagined. On a whim, Mary Wharmby, creator of “The River Bed”, decided to step up as the organizer of the San Francisco Meetup. This was the first time Mary has ever tried organizing… Read more »

Sifteo Cubes: A new way to play

Every year, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), premieres some of the world’s most innovative ideas in the consumer technology industry. It brings together participants from over 130 countries, representing over 2,000 corporations. Some of the best products of the year debut at CES and today we’re excited to share one in particular that could… Read more »

Leaky World creators interview

In the last few months, one of the biggest international stories has been WikiLeaks. Spokesperson and editor-in-chief, Julian Assange and his organization have been making headlines by openly sharing private, secret and classified documents from anonymous sources. The purpose behind the organization is to expose “oppressive regimes in Asia, the former Soviet bloc, Sub-Saharan Africa… Read more »

Jane McGonigal Interview with Games for Change

As a game designer, Jane McGonigal hopes to see one of her peers receive a nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize. Now, as an author, she hopes to see a book about video games reach the New York Times Bestsellers list. Can her first book, “Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How… Read more »

Games for Change on is one of the leading sites on the Internet when it comes to new media coverage and advice on social media best practices. Mashable covers topics from technology, business marketing strategies to design and more. And as the Internet sees and shares more wonderful stories about those using social media for social good, you… Read more »

Introducing The Games for Change Meetup Everywhere Toolkit version 2.0 (updated 08/02/11)

Since the launch of the Meetup Everywhere website in late September of 2010, we’ve seen successful Games for Change Meetups initiated in 14 countries, including: Austria, Canada, The UK, Hungary, China, and India, among others. It’s great to see how enthusiasts of social impact games from all over the world utilize this framework to self… Read more »

Advisory Board Highlight: Dan Norton of Filament Games

As the year ended, Games for Change asked leaders in our community to comment on the games that impacted them the most in 2010. Continuing this series, we spoke with the co-founder and lead designer of Filament Games, Dan Norton, who shared with us some of the projects he was most proud of (filling in… Read more »

Advisory Board Highlight: Susana Ruiz and her take on our top games of 2010

As the end of the year wrapped up, we reached out to advisory board to find out what games inspired them in 2010. We started this series a few days ago and next up is Susana Ruiz, best known for creating the award-winning game Darfur is Dying, a game that addresses the crisis in Darfur… Read more »

Advisory Board Highlight: Alan's favorite games of 2010

As the new year approached, Games for Change reached out to its advisory board members to find out what games inspired them in 2010. In the first part of this series we reached out to Alan Gershenfeld. He’s the founder and President of E-Line Media, publishers of the game making platform Gamestar Mechanic. Here are… Read more »

Asi Burak's talk at TEDxGotham

On October 15th, 2010 at Cooper Union in New York City, Games for Change co-president, Asi Burak, spoke at the inaugural TEDxGotham event. The theme behind the event was “Collaborate, Experiment, Inspire” and included several New York thought leaders that are using new models to create communities, businesses and research for a better world. You… Read more »