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    Ethical gaming: Can Video Games be a Force for Good?

    Games for Change Festival will join forces with New York’s prestigious Tribeca Film Festival in an effort to give video games greater recognition and counter the stereotype that this £39bn global industry can specialize only in war games, urban chaos, and medieval fantasy. Read more

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    Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal Preview Tribeca Film Festival (Video)

    “What we did is really try to make it easier for our audiences to find things that we’re interested in,” Rosenthal said in an interview. That includes music, technology and videogames — all part of this year’s festival in the form of music documentaries, an “Innovation Week” of events examining the intersection of storytelling and technology, and a partnership with the annual Games for Change Festival. Read more

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    Bigger Role for Video Games Is Planned at Tribeca Film Festival

    “The conversation about games could be much more sophisticated and nuanced than it is now,” Asi Burak, the president of Games for Change, said by phone. “We want Games for Change to help prove that games have a wide appeal. We’ve done a lot with stakeholders, with funding — we even got into the White House. But the idea that everyday people will have a chance to see what we do is a big step forward.” Read more

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