Release Date: 2012

Developer: HopeLab

Move more, and get more with this activity and rewards platform.


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Zamzee is both a wearable activity meter and an online rewards platform for tweens that motivates them to move, exercise and earn great prizes. The more they move, the more points they earn. Rewards are tiered at different levels to encourage and celebrate more activity.

Founded in 2010, Zamzee is a spin-off of HopeLab, a nonprofit research organization that utilizes the power of technology to improve the health of children. Through cutting edge research and a diverse set of partners, HopeLab has established various games and platforms to support their mission and those of their partners. Zamzee is supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Zamzee is a two-part experience. First, users put on their wearable Zamzee smart meter. Throughout the day, the meter records their activity, whether it’s running, dancing, walking the dog, skateboarding, etc. Next, children connect their USB meter to their computer and upload their data to the Zamzee website. Form there, they can view their stats, compare with friends, and redeem their points for rewards like online items, gift cards, or money their parents upload into their account.

By partnering robust online tracking, communities, and rewards, the team at HopeLab has put in over 10,000 hours of testing with Zamzee before its official launch. Their research has shown that children with Zamzee meters move 30% more than the average child, which is the equivalent of a full marathon! (One of their previous projects, Re-Mission, has also been wildly successful and has produced a wonderful data set to support its effectiveness.)

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Games for Change Award Nominee 2012 




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