Release Date: 2007

Developer: MN Zoo, eduweb

WolfQuest is an immersive 3D wildlife simulation game.



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WolfQuest is an immersive 3D wildlife simulation game.  Based on real topographic maps of Yellowstone Park and realistic graphics, players join a wolf pack made up of friends in the multiplayer version or seek to perfect their hunting skills and build their own pack in the single player version.  Players find they must balance individual and pack needs in order to increase their collective ability to hunt, defend territory, avoid danger, and protect their young.  WolfQuest also includes a very active forum community of over 36,000 WolfQuest players and wolf enthusiasts who can download the latest version of the game, as well as post tips and strategies, ask questions of wolf experts, share personal wolf artwork and stories, and test their wolf knowledge with online polls and quizzes.

National Science Foundation, Best Buy Children’s Foundation, Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community


Association of Zoos and Aquariums 2010 Education Award Winner

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Grant Spickelmier, Gspicke@mail.mnzoo.state.mn.us


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    I’m 12 and I’ve been playing WolfQuest for 3 years. Ever since I started playing I’ve been obsessed with wolves. This is a great game that’s super fun, and relaxing, and educational. You get to be a wolf living in Yellowstone, and complete a series of challenges. Find a mate, pick a den, raise your pups by feeding, teaching, and defending them, and finally make a hard journey to a new home. You can also play in Multiplayer mode, where you can join a pack with other real people. A chat filter makes it so there’s no inappropriate stuff, although it prevents from saying a lot of stuff.
    Unfortunately the WolfQuest team is low on money and no longer keeping the game updated, so there are a number of glitches and cheats left in the game. In a way, those make the game more interesting, along with a series of hidden things that you find and explore in the world of WolfQuest. I highly recommend this game for an age range of maybe 8 to 14, both girls and boys. It’s fun for a lot of people because it includes so much different stuff. You get to hunt, fight, explore, interact with others, learn about wolves, and raise adorable puppies.
    I’m the WolfQuest master. I know all the glitches, hidden things, and the best ways to do things. If you need help please ask me! :)

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