Release Date: 2011

Developer: Sojo Studios

Connect with friends on Facebook to build virtual cities and spread “Joy” in the real world.



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WeTopia, created by Sojo Studios, is an online, Facebook game that allows players to connect with friends, build their virtual city, and spend a unique form of currency called “Joy” that spreads real-world aid to various non-profits around the world.

Sojo Studios, a new social enterprise founded by Lincoln Brown, created WeTopia as a way to get everyday people involved with and enjoying acts of philanthropy. A hand-selected team of veteran developers was chosen to lead this ambitious new studio. Along with them are brand partners like Mattel and Clorox, as well as 12 carefully chosen non-profits such as Save the Children, buildOn, and more. The game also launched with substantial media support by the daytime talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres.

Like many other city building games, WeTopia challenges players to start a brand new community from scratch and build a thriving population and economic system. As players collect money from residents which in turn buys crops that creates goods for shops, players also accumulate “Joy” through acts of good nature. Joy is a form of currency that is used in-game by the player to affect real world causes. Players choose which campaigns their Joy is shared with, and as a cause receives 100% Joy from players, Sojo Studios shares revenue gained through their advertising partners and in-game purchases with those campaigns, allowing them to become a reality.

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Privately funded

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    Game Developer | Total Game Reviews: 2

    The art is really cute, especially the characters. The gameplay is responsive and engaging, and they make it easy to participate in the "doing good" part of the game.

    It’s that it feels like a little kids’ game, but maybe it’s supposed to be! I feel like an adult playing a kids game, but it’s still fun.

    The missions/to-do items at the beginning feel too crammed together. I like to be able to start doing my own thing right away and be prompted less often to do a specific task. This game runs you through a very specific tutorial sequence that seems a bit too forceful.

    But again, really a well done game. You guys have done very nice with interface design, game design, character and art design, and development.

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    Total Game Reviews: 1

    I am so excited to hear of a way that ‘play’ can create a livelihood and sustenance for people from all over the world. I don’t think that there is anything lost by framing the experience as a game because the idea of something being a ‘game’ makes it more desirable. WeTopia creates a fun and entertaining way for people to actually make a difference in other parts ofthe world by donating ‘joy’ which is money online in the game. The player is able to choose how the money that they donate will be dispersed as far as if it will go to food, shelter, clothing, education, etc.. These choices are all very meaningful because while playing the game the player feels as if they are doing something in the ‘real world’ as opposed to their virtual game world. The game encourages critical thinking skills because of the fact that the player is given so much freedom as far as what they are allowed to do and create and the ‘boundaries’ are ‘rules.’ The game has a very community-based feel and values friendship and giving.

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    Total Game Reviews: 1

    I loved the idea of this game. I only heard about it awhile ago while watching the Ellen show. I immediately went to my fB page and downloaded it. Love the colors, the property, rides. The joy centres, just so pretty and easy to play. Pages for everything add me page, help with energy, and a help page for quests etc,.
    Now I am ready to dump it. I am very sad that there seems to be no REAL support for the problems encountered in this game.
    If you ever go to the help pages that the game supplies, you will se a lot of unhappy people. There are players that have not been able to even load their game for over 2 months.
    Now there is the OOPS message. When a player tries to open their message box, which is in the top right hand corner of the wetopia page, a window pops up saying OOOPS you need to refresh your page. Which does refresh the page, but does not fixe the problem with the messages. We cannot open our messages, we cannot receive the 75 plus energy that we get everyday and is so crucial to play this game. We cannot accept needs for help from other players, to staff their buildings , which every joyground needs before it brings in any Joy.
    Every fix that is given is not a fix. It tells us to clear all messages from the box on the app. page. Which means we lose everything. As soon as a number of messages get in the box, the OOPS window is back. The only fix is to lose all our gifts? not much of a fix. And working on Chrome or Firefox, does NOT make a difference. Someone that knows HOW to fix this , needs to look at it. And if it is the fault of Facebook, then develop another site for it, as Zynga had for so long for Farmville and so many other games. HELP!! get us back into giving JOY!!!

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    Total Game Reviews: 2

    Nice idea. I’m a little bit hesitant about Facebook games generally, but this one seems better than most (farmville or something like that, I mean).

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