The Republia Times

Release Date: April 14, 2012

Developer: Lucas Pope

Use your newspaper to influence public opinion in the fictional country of Republia.



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The Republia Times puts you into the shoes of the editor-in-chief of the national newspaper of Republia, a fictional country recovering from a war with its neighbor, Antegria.  Republia is run by an Orwellian, totalitarian government, and is “keeping your wife and children in a safe location” until you can increase the loyalty of the public by highlighting good things about the Republian government.

In managing your newspaper (and public opinion), you must select articles as they come into the newsroom, making sure to pick flattering stories – “The Honorable and Great Leader Awarded Lifetime Glory Medal” – and ignoring unflattering stories – “The Honorable and Great Leader Photographed in Women’s Clothes.”  The larger that you make articles on the page, the more loyalty they generate.  This is good because there is often a lack of positive stories about the totalitarian government as they crush the rebellion and oppress their citizens.  The Republia Times is not just a propaganda machine as well, and you must balance your political agenda with interesting articles that will secure a large reader base.

Several days into your work at The Republia Times, you are contacted by the rebellion, who wants you to sabotage Republia by turning the public against its government.  Every day within the game, you receive status updates on the condition of your wife and children.  The more loyal the public, the better your family is treated.  Sabotaging the government means risking not only your life, but that of your family’s as well.  It is well worth it to play through to the end of the game, even if it takes you several attempts.  The conflict – and its resolution – is where this game truly distinguishes itself.

The Republia Times was an awards nominee at the Games for Change Festival in both the categories of Best Gameplay and Most Significant Impact.

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    shawn p
    Total Game Reviews: 1

    the game is good but slowerpaced than most games these days. the effect that the game has on you is a moral one simply because of the fact that you have to choose to keep your family happy or to help the rebels and let them also effects the choices you make and on a way teaches you to "think before you speak". all in all, a good game but a bit slower than most these days

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    The concept is really easy and so are the controls: you’re the director of a newspaper and you have to manipulate the public opinion in a country where there’s a cruel dictatorship or bad things will happen to your family, everything you have to do is pick and drag on your newspaper the articles that you think may fit your needs.
    At the beginning of the game, after a brief explanation of your situation, you start doing your work, but as soon as you finish your "first day", you discover how easy your work actually is: recognizing the articles that are "governament-friendly" is a piece of cake, it’s really easy to get high scores, and the terrible thing is that the difficulty doesn’t increase going on in the game. All these things along with the repetition of the same articles during different days contribute to make this game become boring after a only few minutes without offering any challenge to the player, but if you’re strong enough to keep on playing for a bit, something interesting will happen: you’ll start receiving messages from the rebels who are fighting against the dictator in which they start asking you to put bad articles about the government in your newspaper.This could have been a great surprise, a smart move of the creator to make everything interesting again giving the player the possibility to follow two different roads and add a personal touch to his gameplay… But it turns out to be a big disappointment for really simple reason: it isn’t a real choice, it’s only quick way to end your game. In fact, if you try only ones to publish bad articles about the government your family will be eliminated and you will lose your game, and that’s a real shame because the idea of an alternative ending was really good and it could have totally changed the game.
    The last important thing about this game is that all these different aspects, especially his disappointing ending, make people don’t want to play this game more than one time, and that’s not good.

  3. 8
    Total Game Reviews: 1

    Very well thought out and planned

  4. 6
    Total Game Reviews: 2

    I enjoyed the drag and drop technique and found the game interesting. I would have liked a slightly different background as it was a bit bland. Though it was fun, it was quite repetitive and I don’t think i’ll play again.

  5. 2
    Total Game Reviews: 2

    The most pointless and repetitive game I have ever seen.

  6. 8
    Total Game Reviews: 1

    This game is good. You get to choose articles for your newspaper. You can gain readers as you progress. You have to choose articles that is good for the newspaper so it is good to read, including the goverment.
    What I don’t like about the game is that it is too short. Loyality is sometimes hard to get, but getting readers is easy. The graphics are OK, but could be improved.

  7. 9
    Total Game Reviews: 11

    A great game.Every choice you make affects the ending.I have managed to get the rebellion in the elite zone too.You need to focus more on fashion & stuff to attract user base from elites.Slowly,use hidden meaning headlines to build up pressure on issues that make elites feel terrible on the government.The workers are anyways going to be swayed into the opposition.No need to concentrate on them.

    You can also,play the pet of regime.And support the evil sketches of the right wing government.But,that will make you feel bad in the end.

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