The ReDistricting Game

Release Date: 2007

Developer: USC Game Innovation Lab

A game designed to educate citizens around the issue of political redistricting.



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The Redistricting Game is designed to educate, engage, and empower citizens around the issue of political redistricting. Currently, the political system in most states allows the state legislators themselves to draw the lines. This system is subject to a wide range of abuses and manipulations that encourage incumbents to draw districts which protect their seats rather than risk an open contest.

By exploring how the system works, as well as how open it is to abuse, The Redistricting Game allows players to experience the realities of one of the most important (yet least understood) aspects of our political system. The game provides a basic introduction to the redistricting system, allows players to explore the ways in which abuses can undermine the system, and provides info about reform initiatives – including a playable version of the Tanner Reform bill to demonstrate the ways that the system might be made more consistent with tenets of good governance. Beyond playing the game, the web site for The Redistricting Game provides a wealth of information about redistricting in every state as well as providing hands-on opportunities for civic engagement and political action.

The developers of the game coordinated efforts with leading redistricting reform groups including, League of Women Voters, and the Campaign Legal Center.

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    Very interesting game. You rezone the map according to your party’s directives and keep doing until it meets all the criteria (approval by three branches of power). The lesson is to show how negatively engineered our political system is. Good!

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