The Great Piggy Bank Adventure

Release Date: 2009

Developer: Disney

Learn about wise financial planning in this virtual board game.



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This digital version of the Disney theme park attraction of the same name challenges players online to define their dreams and realize them through smart investing, saving, and decision-making.

The Walt Disney Company and T. Rowe Price created the Great Piggy Bank Adventure in 2009 to compliment the existing interactive exhibit at the Disney Epcot Center in Florida. T. Rowe Price is a financial institution with a commitment to bringing diverse solutions to their clients. This game is a part of “Innoventions”, Disney’s commitment to delivering brand experiences that are fun but also important to the development of young adults.

The Great Piggy Bank Adventure website is an online board game that challenges players to realize their dream goals by learning and implementing smart savings techniques. As players explore the vast game board island, each new area represents a new round of play and another opportunity to fund a dream goal. As each level progresses, players are given new piggy banks to invest in. Players are invited to test out different ways of investing and learn serious lessons about saving and losing money in a safe and engaging experience.

By allowing players to ultimately succeed or fail through planning techniques, The Great Piggy Bank Adventure shows players various ways their money can come and go. Challenges along the board game path encourage players to make financial decisions on the fly that mirror many of the ones they face in life. The decisions you make as you move across the game board are the key factors that will decide whether you’ll have enough money to fund a dream goal once you reach the end of the level.

Funder: T. Rowe Price

Press: Beyond Mom


STAR Award for Best Online Innovation
WebAward for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development
Bronze Addy Award for Outstanding Website
WebAward for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development
Interactive Media Award for Outstanding Achievement in Financial Information
Interactive Media Award for Outstanding Achievement in Games


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    Total Game Reviews: 1

    Amesome game, I like the feel, as it put me in the monoply days. Love the way it teaches about financail planning. Great job looking foward, for whats next. Great Job :)

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    The Great Piggy Bank Adventure

    The game is an intriguing concept. At the start of the game you set a value/goal of money that you wish to obtain to finish the game. It has the interesting concept of showing children how to properly invest their money or set financial goals by answering questions to earn more of the in-games money to earn enough to accomplish your goal. You earn an amount depending on how well you answer a question that is asked on certain spots you land on in a board game fashion. Your winning trophy/prize depends on what object you pick at the start of the game. The trophies each have different values to increase the difficulty that of the game. In a way it is teaching kids how to save for what they want by giving the cooler looker trophy/prize for the harder the setting they choose, thus they need to learn/know more about the subject to be able to accomplish winning the better objects. Also you see occasional tips that pop up like how to properly invest the money you earn to better prepare you for future answers.

    A few problems I see is that the board game in at least one player mode is quite short, which makes the goals that you set to achieve to win the game. Another problem I see with the game is the lack of tools to help you study to know the best answers. While they do have tips appear a proper guide of tips of how to invest your money would be most helpful. Children usually don’t know how money works to a large degree which this game is geared to teach them. So it would seem that perhaps instead of these pop ups they perhaps have a beginners guide to help give children a more instinctive way of determining what the right answer is. The final problem I see is that they have a side scrolling side game to collect coins to obtain your goal outside the actual board game. So if you fail to achieve it in the board game you can play this right after to still try and win your trophy which I find detracts from the overall point of the game.

  3. 8
    Total Game Reviews: 4

    Overall, I give this game a rating of 8 out of 10.

    For all intents and purposes, this game hits all the right notes at all the right times. Not only does it have a great replay value, but I also feel that it is absolutely perfect for the target age range. I also like the fact that it has the "boardgame" style feature, and it actually feels like you are working towards a goal. Another high note with this game in particular, are the mini games that come along with the challenge questions.

    I would have to say that the only real flaw is the simple fact that the single player mode of this game is lacking. It is far too short and I just feel that it is necessary to have more than one player per game just so that the game is able to shine for what it is worth.

    All in all, "The Great Piggy Bank Adventure" is a great tool help younger generations understand the simple principles of saving money, and it would be a great game to have on hand for times when you need to occupy many kids at once.

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