The End

Release Date: August 9, 2011

Developer: Preloaded

A puzzle game about mortality, belief, and science.



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The End is a physics and board game-based puzzle game created by the award-winning Preloaded Studios and commissioned by Channel 4 Education. Created for 14 – 19 year olds, The End is a game of self-discovery that challenges players with unique “light and dark” platforming and challenging board game puzzles while engaging the player with thought-provoking philosophical questions that speak to them at this unique stage in their life where thoughts and questions about mortality arise.

As players progress through The End, their answers to various questions plot their destiny on the Death Dial, showing them what personality type they are as well as what historical figures share their traits – featuring figures like Albert Einstein and Gandhi. The End encourages players to begin openly discussing mortality and create an experience that reflects their own personal views while giving them the opportunity to respond to questions that are not normally asked in society. This game gives teens the opportunity to think about often complex and important subject matter in a safe environment that can be shared with friends via Facebook.

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    Since venturing into educational media, Channel 4 has shown no hesitation in broaching sensitive and risque subjects, from sex and drugs to the threat of a surveillance society, as they relate to youth. What better way to discuss some of the social, cultural, and spiritual aspects of death and dying than in a medium rife with demise?

    While the platforming in The End lacks some precision and polish, the game makes up for it with clever level design, simple yet surreal art design, and a forgiving jumping system that gives players plenty of aerial mobility and the ability to grab ledges.

    In some ways The End’s gameplay does address its subject matter. The surprisingly robust character creation screen allows players to differentiate themselves from other players, some of whom you see wandering the home screen before stages. The unique avatars mirror the diversity of beliefs about mortality. The light mechanic, which allows players to turn shadows into temporary surfaces, may stand as an allegory for the dual nature of life and death. Success demands an understanding and appreciation of both. Even the loading screen shows the passing of time as an interplay between light and shadow, two complimentary aspects of a similar phenomenon.

    The End’s final question asks “Can anyone else truly know what it’s like to be you?” Regardless of your answer, the question ultimately addresses empathy and understanding. From the appearance of other players in the game lobby, to the “Death Dial” depiction of the beliefs of friends and other players, The End normalizes death as a topic of discussion without presenting a dominant belief system. Its purpose is not to sway beliefs but to reveal them, to encourage an open discussion of beliefs and cultures that shape our lives. Through games we have confronted death a thousand times, but rarely like this.

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    i REALLY love this game i think that its amazing! this game is for people who like adventure and action! i strongly suggest this game to everyone!

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    The character customization at the beginning of the game is funny and well done, it helps the player to become one thing with his own character and that’s an important part of the game. The mix of arcade parts with puzzle parts and card game parts works perfectly, the player is always challenged to his/her best and think carefully about all his moves. The card game at the end of each level and puzzle parts inside the levels make the game more challenging and the pure arcade parts give that funny aspects to the game that make you want to play more. The shadow power is really interesting and is really well used in the game, and the graphics work perfectly with soul of the game.
    But the real thing that pushes you to keep playing this game until the end are the questions that the game asks you at the end of each level, the answers you give to those question allows the game to make a kind of profile of yourself that will be used to assign you you a category at the end of the game that represents your way of thinking. This is the thing that makes this game different from all the other arcade-platform games, along with its brilliant "lore" that speaks about this guy that discovers himself through a trip in his mind only a second before dying.
    The reason why I didn’t give a ten to this game is really simple: the game has some glitches and the time challenge is simply impossible to achieve unless you have all your life to spend on this game.
    However, beautiful game.

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