Syrian Journey

Release Date: January 4, 2015

Developer: BBC

Choose your own escape route as a Syrian refugee in this newsgame.



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Syrian Journey is a digital project that explores the exodus of the Syrian people. It is composed of three parts: a ‘newsgame’; survivor’s stories; and discussion about #WhatWouldYouTake. The project aims to bring the audience closer to the plight of Syrian refugees in an interactive and creative way. Fully responsive for mobile and produced in 7 languages it aims to reach a wide audience on any device.


Kill Screen

2016 G4C Award Finalist: Most Significant Impact



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  1. 7
    Nicholas Sertich
    Total Game Reviews: 2

    This game is excellent, for what it is. Unfortunately, it is a year-and-a-half old choose-your-own-adventure put out by a news agency.

    The story is very simple, never giving you more than two options at a time, and there being no elements of chance involved. In fact, nearly every story branch and ending can be found in about an hour. Each story branch is well written and very powerful, however, and the game is an hour well spent.

    Unfortunately, the game has not been updated for everything that happened in the last year. Since the game was made before the European refugee crisis came to a head, it assumes that just getting to the EU results in asylum and safety. The game therefore simply no longer reflects the Syrian Journey.

  2. 3
    Go Leafs Go 17
    Total Game Reviews: 2

    I don’t enjoy this game. It isn’t much fun, and it seems to be never-ending.

  3. 7
    Total Game Reviews: 3

    Syrian Journey does a nice job of using a simple interface to educate about the perils of trying to escape Syria for Europe, although its age and the limited scope of the project (reaching Europe is equated with "winning") constrain how useful it might be as a teaching tool. Similarly, replaying the game to find the "right" choices for me diminished the power of the experience. The game might best be used in the classroom by having students play it individually and compare outcomes and their emotional experiences while playing. It’s well made and concise, and capable of emotional impact.

  4. 10
    Total Game Reviews: 11

    Very good one.

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