Release Date: December 2012

Developer: Preloaded

Battle against your fears to learn problem-solving strategies.



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SuperSight gives you the tools you need to overcome your fears. Step into the shoes of an initiate transported deep into the heart of Mount Wrong and fight dangerous creatures embodying the inhibiting feelings that stop you from succeeding in your life. Guided by your mentor, the Wise-Guy, you must defeat waves of enemies in an arena-style, point-and-click battler.

As the battles become more complex and new types of enemies are introduced, more combat abilities are unlocked, providing a wide range of tactical options for the fast-paced gameplay. Each of these abilities is tied to one of the types of enemies and provides an identifiable strategy that can be translated to real-world action. For example, the first enemy type, Fearlines, come in packs led by an alpha Fearline, representing a multitude of problems that must be faced at once. In order to effectively dispatch them, SuperSight suggests tackling the big problem first, and then working around to the smaller problems that hover around the larger one. You are also given a special whirlwind attack, which separates the problems from each other, making it easier to address them one at a time.

SuperSight is part of a larger gamified self-improvement experience called SuperMe, which aims to improve people’s quality of life by focusing on wisdom, ability, influence, and connection. SuperSight, through the problem-solving practices it engenders, fits excellently into this overarching program.

By putting you into a fast-paced experience where the keys to success parallel best practices in problem solving, you are able to internalize processes that will improve your quality of life. For limitless fun and practice, SuperSight contains a second game type, Survival Mode, which allows you to fight against endless waves of enemies, competing against yourself for a high score.

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    Total Game Reviews: 3

    SuperSight is a game that aims to translate physical actions and plans of attack against enemies (who are manifestations of anxiety) into mental strategies in dealing with types of thoughts, and does so in such a way that if it wasn’t mentioned you might not notice for a while. With explicit knowledge of what the is game for, the more effective it’s messages become. Coping strategies for life are camouflaged by teaching kids to attack certain enemy types from different directions, tackling the biggest one first before finishing the smaller ones, and breaking apart groups to deal with them one at a time.

    Having the "Wise-Guy" who is a mentor of sorts is also helpful by showing the kids that things become much easier when you get advice and create a plan. The special abilities are there mostly for gameplay purposes, but even some teach tactics just through children using them in battle (such as one in which you pause time to take a breather, or one where you hide underground, emerge refreshed, and then attack a bunch at once). It emphasizes the idea that the best way to learn is to confront the unknown head on, don’t panic, remember your training, and you will win.

    Having had anxiety issues myself, I know that these strategies are all helpful, constructive, and simple (once practiced). By providing a medium that is engaging, evolving, and constantly reinforcing the coping strategies, SuperSight creates a game that results in kids learning (whether they want to or not).

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    Game has some martial arts music and uses some wisdom language, but the mechanics of the game is pretty much an action/shooter, so I don’t see much the educational value.

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    Total Game Reviews: 4

    it’s a very pleasant game, both aesthetically and play wise. the controls are very easy to learn and can be easily used on a touch screen. although the controls are simple there is a level of strategy to the game that comes from the decision of when to use you power ups, when to attack, and when to dodge. There’s a brief pause before you attack that leaves you open for an attack, and if you dodge you’ll be safe but won’t get in an attack, and you power ups are very devastating to your enemies and very satisfying to use, but you can only use them once and then they have to recharge. Overall the gameplay and mechanics are very well crafted.

    The actual game is split into two parts; story mode, and survival mode. you have to unlock survival by beating the story mode, and story mode is really just a glorified tutorial. Each level there is a new enemy and a new power up introduced, each level you have to use that power up to defeat that enemy. This is a good way to teach your player the mechanics of the game, but there should also be more to the story mode than this, there should be; boss battles, or characters, or an actual story (not just listening to some old guy), just something to actually make story mode interesting and not just a how-to before you play survival.

    Overall it’s a fun game, I enjoyed playing it.

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