Stop Disasters

Release Date: 2007

Developer: Playerthree

Tackles the real issue of mitigating the impact of natural disasters.



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Disaster prevention awareness on a grand scale. This game for the UN ISDR tackles the very real issue around the World of saving lives and reducing the financial impact that natural hazards cause when they turn into disasters. The aim of this game is simply to raise awareness of how disasters affect people every day and how often very simple measures can save many lives.

Whether you call it serious gaming or ‘edutainment’, projects such as these are tough to get balanced, as too many facts turn people off and too much ‘fun’ lessens the gravity of the subject matter.

Aimed primarily at secondary level education, the game is delivered using flash 7 via the web to allow access to as many people around the World as possible. The whole project is XML driven so that by October it will be translated into the UN’s five major languages to broaden it’s appeal and reach even further.

There was a vast amount of information to absorb and try to distill into a ‘Sim City’ style game in such a way that players aren’t bombarded with facts but can discover information as they try to achieve their goals.

Playerthree designed and built the whole thing, including the associated website to provide support, information and score tables for the game.

The ISDR’s role within the UN is to raise awareness of disaster prevention and help save lives… using an online game to appeal to a young yet influencial audience is strong recognition of how people around the globe are spending their time online.




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    Total Game Reviews: 4

    I think the concept is awesome – another ‘non-wishful’ thinking scenario of being prepared that has the potential to inform and save lives through practical forethought.
    But I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing – I focused on housing people and building hospitals on high ground. I tried to make a wall of rocks but don’t know if this is possible – the cost was prohibitive LOL. I didn’t know how to mobilise people to get them to safety and the time ran out really quickly while I was still scratching my head. I was an epic FAIL! Maybe a second try wouldn’t feel as overwhelming.

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    I liked the game, it was simple to figure out how to create buildings and set up preventative measures. I think it would have been helpful to have hints or tips along the way to determine what items to put where and the map was a little confusing at first without the risk areas turned on.

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