SimCityEDU: Pollution Challenge!

Release Date: March 2014

Developer: GlassLab

Solve your city's pollution problems while growing the economy in this mission-based simulation game.



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In SimCity EDU: Pollution Challenge! you are the mayor of a city and it’s up to you to make sure your citizens are happy. How do you keep your citizens happy? Well, people want jobs so they can earn money to buy important things – like food and video games – but, they also want to live in a green, healthy environment.  As mayor, it’s your responsibility to make sure your citizens are employed and content, while also keeping pollution levels down and maintaining a healthy planet.

Progressing through six missions, players engage in activities that assess their ability to problem solve, understand complex systems and read and interpret data from diagrams. By playing and solving complex problems concerning the environment and city planning, players will learn core English language arts, next-generation science and 21st-century skills. In turn, these activities teach the dynamic systems of cause and effect in our world.

Overall, SimCityEDU gives players the opportunity to navigate real world challenges associated with urban planning and pollution in a highly engaging format. The game prepares students to meet today’s standardized requirements in the core areas mentioned above and equips them with meaningful insight into their own city’s governance over the green world.

ETS, Pearson


Fast Company


Common Sense Media ON for Learning Award 2014





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    Lorenzo Ciacciavicca
    Total Game Reviews: 2

    I liked this game and the idea of this game. I think that it can provide a good range of question and makes it easy to discuss about several problems ina classroom.

    I imagine that working on it with kids could be really nice. The gameplay is enough easy, even if some details are too much sometimes, but meybe one just has to train himself to play it.

    The biggest critic I would make to the game is that it only reflects a capitalist model. Only one possibility of society. A society based on a living system which is not sustainable at its nature. Quotes like: "Place a commercial zone for citizen to spend their money! They are happier when they spend"; I think these sort of things make the game less neutral for an educational environment and could be dangerous for pushing stundents into a manipulative vision of democracy.

    It could be a nice idea the one of creating some levels where a different economic model is contemplated.

    Thanks for your work.

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