Silverbackers game


Release Date: 2008

Developer: Fauna & Flora International,, Masabi

Face the challenges that come with gorilla conservation by playing as a gorilla.


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Fauna & Flora International (FFI) created Silverbackers in partnership with and mobile game developer Masabi. The game was created as a part of the continued efforts of the International Gorilla Conservation Programme (IGCP). The IGCP is a joint project created by Fauna & Flora International, the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). Together, the IGCP helped to slowly increase the global population of mountain gorillas by 17% since the creation of the program in 1991.

In the game, you start as an infant gorilla lost in the jungles of Central Africa. As you progress through the game, you not only age, but also learn about the challenges that come with gorilla conservation. The areas in which these Central African gorillas live are not only stripped for the vast amounts of timber, but also mined heavily. One of the major resources mined from these forests is “coltan.” Coltan is key component in the creation of cellular phones and that’s why Silverbackers exists on this platform.

In addition to using this game to raise awareness and increase the tourism rates in the poor communities surrounding these gorillas, Flora & Fauna International wants to urge more people to recycle their cellular phones. Recycling phones does not directly support gorilla conservation but the FFI receives £5 per donation.


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