Release Date: 2010

Developer: Playerthree

Control a plant that falls from the sky and scour the landscape for resources.


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Hosted by the Science Museum in London, Rizk is a part of the museum’s “Climate Changing” series of exhibitions, events and installations. This “tower defense” strategy game was created by the UK-based creative studio Playerthree, and is set on a dark and mysterious planet. Players are put in control of an immobile plant that falls from the sky and must scour the landscape for resources. In order to grow, the plant sends out various “collectors” to find different resources so it can flourish. However, you’re not the only plant to keep track of!

As the levels progress, the player will encounter various threats that pose a risk their plant’s existence. As you send out more collectors, your risk level rises and aggravates the enemy plants causing them to release spores which can damage your plant. However, your mother plant can also send out “defenders” in strategic locations to fend off the spores. Each new stage challenges players to understand the landscape, identify the locations of resources and threats, and determine the risks involved in collecting resources and protecting their plant.


Garfield Weston Foundation



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