Release Date: 2007

Developer: Impact Games

PeaceMaker challenges players to establish peace in the Middle East.



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PeaceMaker was born in the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) in Carnegie Mellon. As students, we set out to create a video game that is meaningful and non-violent. We chose the Israeli-Palestinian conflict which is to many a representation of the most significant challenges facing leaders today. We thought that in this particular point in time, we have a real chance to add new verbs to the vocabulary of the new generation, the future leaders of the world.

PeaceMaker challenges players to establish peace in the Middle East. Players can take the perspective of the Israeli Prime Minister or the Palestinian President and react to unpredictable real-world events. The players’ ultimate goal is to create virtual peace and be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. PeaceMaker aims to enhance a deeper understanding of multiple perspectives and challenge the player’s prior knowledge and assumptions.

Main features:
*  PeaceMaker is inspired by real events.
*  PeaceMaker is a turn-based strategy game with a high level view of the situation.
*  PeaceMaker is two games in one: the Israeli version and the Palestinian version.
*  Play the news: the game presents real news footage, images and headlines.
*  Depending on what players bring to the table, there are three difficulty levels to choose from including calm, tense and violent.

PeaceMaker has been featured in media outlets around the world and is available for PC or Mac in English, Arabic and Hebrew.

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  1. 10
    Tom Mowbray
    Total Game Reviews: 30

    Very professional quality for this super serious Israeli Palestinian political conflict game. Quite a bit depressing, but very realistic, well thought out, educational, and very easy to learn with the built-in tutorial, which is surprising given that this is a very sophisticated game.

  2. 8
    Total Game Reviews: 3

    I only played the demo which unfortunately goes until the 8th turn but Peacemaker is an interesting concept with potential. I tried being both the Palestinian and Israeli leaders and set the difficulty to tense. The game gives you a sense of how leaders are being pulled in two different directs. When you try to make a show of good faith and build the confidence of the other group your own group immediately attacks you. The game also captures the resource differences between the Israelis and Palestinians with the Israelis clearly having more options available to them. From what I can tell your best hope at achieving peace is from the Israeli camp.

    I liked the the news footage because it helps to remind you that these are real issues that are effecting peoples lives. I would have liked to have been able to make multiple actions instead of just one at a time. You have to build credibility with multiple groups like the UN, USA, EU, Egypt, or your own people and if your stuck just working one you’ll lose the support of others. It might have worked better if your decisions were separated between different departments like departments of foreign and internal affairs that would take actions toward specific groups each turn. I think this is a more realistic portrayal of how things work. I also would have liked to have more historical information built into the game. It provides a brief timeline of the history of the conflict but it would be nice to have more information to help fill in background if a person wanted it. All in all it’s a good concept for a game and I enjoyed it but I think it still needs some work.

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