Release Date: 2008

Developer: Molleindustria

Oiligarchy is a playable commentary on the oil industry.



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Oiligarchy is a playable commentary on the oil industry. The player takes the role of an “oiligarch” managing the extraction business in the homeland and overseas and lobbies the government to keep the carbon-fossil based economy as profitable as possible. Oiligarchy can be considered an extended business sim/tycoon game since the player makes decisions and performs actions that are not always in the domain of business. This mixed gameplay is meant to highlight the intricate relations between war, politics, and energy corporations. The purely economical activities range from finding new oil fields to building extraction plants and managing resources. As domestic resources decline, the player is forced to expand their business in foreign countries to meet the demands of the market. The overseas operations could require the political or military support from the government and various crisis management actions.

Funder: Addicting Games

Price: Free


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Contact: Paolo Pedercini, paolo@molleindustria.it


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    Great satire game from Mollenindustria.You might also want to check other games by them, but their other games are not necessarily for the underaged.

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