Release Date: August 29, 2012

Developer: Merritt Kopas

Experience the violence of blending in.



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Lim is a game about violence. About the violence of standing out, and even more about the violence of blending in. Players navigate a maze as a multi-colored square, encountering brown and dark blue blocks throughout the series of rooms. The blocks react violently to the player’s presence in the space, shaking erratically and seeking out the player to collide with him/her. As they push the player’s block around, there is often the possibility of being shunted outside of the maze completely, becoming isolated from the experience of the game and being forced to navigate the maze from the outside.

Along with the four arrow keys – which are used for movement – there is one other button available to the player: the blend button. While blending, the player’s block becomes the color of the surrounding blocks, causing them to remain passive as the player passes through. Blending comes at a price though, and can be just as painful and violent as the violence done against the player by the other blocks.

Lim is not without hope though, and suggests that not every block is simply brown or blue. For those who are able to stand the violence of the game and get to the end – from inside or outside the maze – there is the possibility of identification with something that is unlike any of the other blocks that the player had previously encountered. Lim is part of the Games for Change 2013 Festival Babycastles Hall of Fame.

Polygon, Games for Change 2013 Festival Babycastles Hall of Fame




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    This wasn’t the best game, rating out of 10 I’d say an 8 in the beginning, cause it was kinda intense. And I don’t know what happened but all the sudden my level of interest dropped down to 3 and then 0 and into the negatives, after sometime me block was in plain space, my interest dropped casue I probably didn’t know what to do.

    Lim is interesting, sort of like a puzzle game, a little bit like “Bloxzrs”. You’re piece of block blends in or stands out apart of the others, and your trying to get past other blocks, sometimes there are these violent shakes…….

    Though I didn’t like the game I liked the message it had given, and the way they showed that message is through a game. This game is about “violence! standing out, and even more blending in”. This is such a great message, taking a real life problem—where you may get bullied for being different and trying to blend in don’t make it better. You’re actually experiencing the violence of the game as you get pushed around and are given the option to blend in, this violence gets stronger as you go through the game.

    But at the ending I didn’t know what to do, I guess that’s why my level of interest came down as I said before……

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    It is interesting and scary and stressful and I enjoy it. I think it is sometimes hard to convey what exactly it is you want the user to do, but most of the time it is effective in portraying the dilemma through simplicity.

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