Ice Flows

Release Date: August 23, 2016

Developer: InHouse Visuals

A game about ice flow in the Antarctic



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Scientists and games developers have joined forces to help communicate the impact of climate change on the Antarctic Ice Sheet in the game Ice Flows.  The game tasks players with controlling the size of the ice sheet in order to get penguins to their desired destination. The climate changes whether that’s decreasing snowfall or increasing ocean temperatures, make it harder (or easier) for the penguins to catch fish, high-five birds and thrive in their environment. By engaging the player with the environmental controls on the ice sheet, the player learns how ice sheets grow and shrink.

Ice Flows is funded as part of a Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) project led by the British Antarctic Survey (BAS). The project aims to investigate what may happen in the near-future in the Weddell Sea region of Antarctica and the impact changes here could have on global sea-level.

iOS, Android, Web/Online (Free)

Wired, SCAR, Science Magazine

University of Exeter, Questionable Quality, British Antarctic Survey




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  1. 7
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    Worth a try! Game dynamics weren’t super fun for me but the educational aspect is good. Also, it seems well polished and produced for an educational game. I actually really enjoyed the simple aspects most: I.e. the quizes and how they levels were unlockable

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