Hunt for the Noor Stone

Release Date: 2011

Developer: Endeavor Films, Playwala, ITVS

Hunt down an ancient stone of infinite wisdom and unlock the secrets of Islam.



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The Hunt for the Noor Stone is a standalone game, as well as a companion to the film Wham! Bam! Islam! This documentary focuses on The 99, a widely successful Middle Eastern comic book series where the heroes’ powers are inspired by the 99 Attributes of Allah, a cornerstone of Islamic faith.

In this role-playing game, players travel to the ancient cities of Baghdad and Cordoba to locate The Noor Stone, a mythical stone in Hindu and Arabic texts believed to contain infinite wisdom.  They must do so before the evil villain, Rhugal, finds it first. It’s a race against time as players gather important historical and cultural information about the Islamic world in order to solve puzzles and riddles that will lead them to the Noor Stone. Rich art and historical references aim to create an experience that caters to both fans of The 99 or anyone interested in learning more about Islamic culture in a new way.


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  1. 7
    Game Developer | Total Game Reviews: 5

    The music might be a bit too loud – but check other reviews for this. The antagonist was never present, he thus seemed unimportant to me. And did the sand clock get resetted? And if so, why? However, having in mind that I ought to hurry fitted the game. The sound of the voice from the MP3-Player was strange, not quite human. Maybe you can replace it?

    But: A lovely creation, the whole fits perfectly together. The duration I spent on it was perfectly measured. The MP3-Player is a great idea and surprised me more than once. I like how you show players what they are capable of, understanding something they might otherwise see as very different – and the end still came as a surprising twist for me.

    The facts I will probably forget again. But the words seem to stick. Nice trick and good job!

  2. 8
    Tom Mowbray
    Total Game Reviews: 30

    The game is a basic introduction to aspects of ancient Islamic history as well as basic Arabic phrases. Interesting history lessons showing tolerance and cooperation between religions, and some important inventions we still use today in the modern world. As a game for social change, this game should be a be non-controversial experience for everyone to begin to understand this culture.

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