Homeland Guantanamos

Release Date: 2008

Developer: Free Range Studios

Spotlights the inhumane conditions in immigrant detention centers.



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Homeland Guantanamos is a game designed to spotlight the inhumane conditions being faced by 300,000 people in immigrant detention as a result of unfair Department of Homeland Security policies. Players assume the role of an undercover journalist doing an investigative series who must uncover the true story of Boubacar Bah, an immigrant who died in U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement custody under questionable circumstances in 2007. The user experiences a 3D walk-through tour of the facility led by a guide, during which they encounter video stories about actual situations as experienced by former detainees, and gradually uncovers clues that will help them solve Boubacar’s case.


New York Times
Global Voices
Game Politics

Julie Griff/Breakthrough, julie@breakthrough.tv



  1. 5
    Total Game Reviews: 1

    little confusing of how to achieve actual goal

  2. 5
    Total Game Reviews: 1

    This is an amazing site. It’s set up as an interactive memorial and activism site to honor the memories of those who’ve died in US immigration detention. I am in complete agreement with the premises of the game but rather than having the authenticity and believability of an eye-witness, you are very aware that "his" words are put in his mouth by the developers of the application, whose political objective is to persuade you of a particular stance.

  3. 10
    Tom Mowbray
    Total Game Reviews: 30

    An amazing experience. I had no idea. Terrific integration of activism website and narrative game with real life stories and "take action" in real life politics. It’s a 10. No Question.

  4. 6
    Fred Autonom
    Total Game Reviews: 1

    Presents valuable insights into what’s going on at Gitmo, but it doesn’t really feel like a game. It’s more of an interactive information site.

    For gameplay, I’d give it a 1. But for a site about Gitmo, I’d give it a 10. 6 overall.

  5. 6
    Total Game Reviews: 1

    This game provided much good information throughout game play as to the conditions immigrants face while in detention. The game was rather short and easy to follow along with. I would have preferred to see more examples of abuse and examples where even more sympathy for the immigrants plight could be garnered. Especially the example of the immigrant who ran illegal weapons, it is more difficult to feel empathy because of the high level of gun violence wrought from the illegal gun trade. Abuse of detainees is not acceptable, however, some crimes are more serious than others and it may have been a better attention grabber to use a different example in that case. The game was incredibly informative and I would have like to see additional ways to help in the real world. The game was a puzzle type and was, in my opinion, very easy to reach the end, but some players may have preferred a more challenging role.

  6. 8
    Total Game Reviews: 1

    I enjoyed the interactive aspect of the game, and enjoyed people telling you first hand what the went through by video. The graphics could use a touch up, especially when you move around a room (things tend to get a little blurry). It really shows the conditions of the detention center well, and the game concept was wonderful.

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