Dumb Ways to Die

Release Date: May 6, 2013

Developer: McCann

"I solemnly swear to not do dumb stuff around trains."



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Dumb Ways to Die really wants people to avoid dangerous situations around trains — and other life-threatening scenarios such as extracting toast from a toaster with a fork or dancing in piranha-infested waters.

Players will need to tilt, blow on, and tap their device to survive an endless sequence of absurd, death-defying mini-games. The longer players hold on to their three lives, the faster-paced and more aggressive the game becomes about ensuring a very dumb death. In between poking a grizzly bear or dressing like a moose during hunting season, players must also avoid death around public transportation by jumping back from the edge of a train platform and keeping motorists from driving around railroad crossings as trains approach. As players reach certain point benchmarks, they unlock new characters to populate the game’s train station platform. Scores and screenshots can be shared over Twitter.

Dumb Ways to Die began as a public service announcement for train platform safety by Metro Trains in Melbourne, Australia and has risen to international fame. The game climbed to number one in 22 countries including the US, UK, Canada and Australia. It now has over 130 million downloads and 3 billion unique plays coming from every country in the world. Dumb Ways to Die was the most awarded campaign in the history of Cannes (with 28 Lions, including five Grands Prix). With over 127 million people having stated that they would be safer around trains because of the campaign, Dumb Ways to Die, continues to hold kids and adults under its spell. If you crave more, check out the sequel to the game: Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games.

iOS, Android (Free)

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  1. 5
    Total Game Reviews: 4

    At first this game reminded me of a point and click game I used to play in high school, which also featured fast-paced mini games in which a player has a matter of mere seconds to complete a task. Its urgency combines with brightly colored smiling characters and imaginative methods of demise to draw the player in and keep them there. However fun and creative, Dumb Ways to Die is too fast-paced. The player is not given enough time to read the prompt, figure out which action they must complete (tapping, dragging, screen rotation) and then complete it. Sometimes a success or failure is unclear and one must repeat the same level several times in order to understand how it can be beaten.

  2. 10
    Total Game Reviews: 2

    Nice game to pass time. Totally recommend!!

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