Release Date: June 6, 2014

Developer: IguanaBee

Face climate change and restore order to the world of Ciclania



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Ciclania is an educational platform game that teaches players about global warming, water cycle, carbon cycle and other environmental issues where you have to return the world of Ciclania to balance. Along your adventure, you will have 3 heroes with distinct abilities that will help you in your duty: Mike – The athletic kid with some time handling abilities; Ian – The technological spy kid;  Flo – The farm girl who communicates with animals. Combine their abilities under the guidance of Valentina and her fellow scientists to save the planet. The game is available in English and Spanish.

Web/Online (Free)

Telkit, Fondef ICT-EDU

Best Educational Videogame, UG Chile Awards 2014






  1. 10
    Total Game Reviews: 4

    This game reminds me of computer games I used to play as a kid and then later a teenager. It is more than just a click game, but not as intense as a game that requires the use of a full keyboard to operate. It is brightly colored, has an upbeat soundtrack, and a bunch of villains that pop up everywhere and are easily defeated (if you jump over them quickly enough). This game is truly nostalgic for me, and reminds me of the hours I spent playing a particular cartoon summer resort game as a kid. The difference is that the stakes of winning and losing are higher in this game than the ones I used to play. You can grow trees, collect garbage that nameless litterbugs scattered all over the beach, and save baby turtles. With the stakes being more than just a simple win or loss you are motivated to continue playing and restart from your checkpoint if you fail. Ciclania is a fictional world, of course, and that allows the player to begin their journey towards preventing and stopping the harmful effects of climate change in a refreshing, relaxed way. It is truly enjoyable and I intend on replaying it in the future.

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