Catchment Detox

Release Date: 2008

Developer: Moon Communications Group, Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Manage a river catchment and create a sustainable and thriving economy



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Modeled after data from CSIRO Division of Land and Water and e-water Co-operative Research Centre, Catchment Detox challenges players by putting them in charge of a catchment, a body of land that collects and revitalizes adjacent riverbeds, over a 100 year span. Throughout gameplay, you must manage various aspects of your catchment while focusing on a few key areas.

Catchment Detox allows players to see the impact on not only what they build, but where they build and how their decisions can affect water quality, habitat, and citizen well-being. Players must manage a wide array of parameters to make sure each decision is the right one both economically and environmentally. Each action affects your score and your environment’s water levels. After 100 turns, players have the opportunity to see how their decisions affected their catchment’s health and the wealth of their city. A scoreboard keeps players involved by showing them other players’ top scores and maps of their final catchment’s set up.


Via the Catchment Detox website
Australian Broadcasting Corporation


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    As well as the game itself, the Catchment Detox website has lots of other information on water issues within Australia. There is a section which gives information for Teachers to use in class.

    It might not be the most entertaining simulation game that can have children playing it for  hours on end, but as something that has been locally produced to address education on a nationally important issue, it is alright. It would be a great addition to other resources on the issue.

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