Release Date: 2008

Developer: Kognito Interactive

A simulation to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness.



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At-Risk is an interactive, game-based simulation that aims to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness in order to reduce the number of students with undetected or untreated conditions. Tailored for use among university faculty and staff, At-Risk addresses the fear and stigma of mental illness that may prevent university faculty and staff from approaching and assisting students exhibiting symptoms of mental illness, such as depression, anxiety, and thoughts of suicide.

In the 45-minute simulation, players assume the role of a faculty member who is concerned about five of his students. The player analyzes profiles of these virtual students to identify the three who are at-risk and then engages in simulated conversations with each of them to determine whether and how to refer them to the counseling center. The virtual students are fully animated and possess their own emotional intelligence and memory. The player wins the game when they correctly identify the three students and successfully refer them to counseling.

Price: Free

Contact: Jennifer Spiegler,



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    I loved the game. I thought it was really helpful in identifying a student has a problem and how to go about talking to them about it.

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    After trying out the demo I can report that I enjoyed this game; it relates very much to my career field. I must say I found it redundant for the teacher to remind me of the student’s grades, attendance, behavior and appearance after the conversation, but all and all, a great way to practice the skills I learn on-the-job. This would help not only teachers and students, but other mental health practitioners such as myself.

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