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Young Meteorologist Program


Stay smarter than the weather in this game about disaster preparedness.




Young Meteorologist Program: Severe Weather Preparedness Adventure is a single-player educational game created by nonprofit PLAN!T NOW in partnership with NOAA National Weather Service and the National Education Association to teach kids how to stay smarter than the weather during hurricanes, lightning storms, flash floods, tornadoes, and winter storms.

Players partner up with Owlie Skywarn, a junior owl enrolled in the Young Meteorologist Program, to progress across a digital game-board, learning important survival and preparedness tips while playing a variety of mini-games, through five severe weather environments. Those who complete the game get their Young Meteorologist certificate and can participate in other educational and service activities as part of PLAN!T NOW’s Young Meteorologist Program. The program provides resources and advice on how to explain disaster preparedness strategies to other people in the Young Meteorologist’s community, as well as links to additional educational online activities.

Severe Weather Preparedness Adventure uses a variety of games—from finding hidden objects and word searches to multiple choice quizzes and matching games—to keep players entertained while they progress across the game board and are presented with survival tips for each of the five severe weather scenarios. The game also relies on the playful, humorous exchanges between characters to keep things fresh and interesting.

Notable elements of PLAN!T NOW’s game are the reinvention of Owlie Skywarn, a classic figure of weather education, into the realm of digital games, and the incorporation of the game into a larger Young Meteorologist Program, which offers suggestions for service projects, a place to share stories, and a wide array of reading and weather resources for Young Meteorologists to explore.

NOAA National Weather Service, National Education Association, American Meteorological Society