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Vigilance 1.0


Protect a city from immorality while trying to maximize your score



In Vigilance 1.0 you are given the ultimate perspective of a city: a wall of cameras, able to observe every individual simultaneously. It is your job to identify criminals as they commit crimes, lowering the immorality of the city. For each criminal act that you miss, the city becomes more immoral, causing more crimes to occur.

What elevates Vigilance 1.0 from a simple game of surveillance to a powerful critique is a second system that runs parallel to the first: each time you successfully denounce a criminal, you are awarded points. As such, it is also your job as the player to get the highest score, which is only possible in an immoral city.

Crimes range from physical violence, robbery, and conspiracy to littering, vagrancy, and inappropriate street crossing. The amount of points a crime is worth varies depending on its severity, but it is often easier to amass points from less severe crimes than to seek out the more severe, more elusive crimes in the city. Crimes can only be denounced in the act. If you denounce an innocent person or a person no longer committing the crime, it is considered defamation and your score is decreased.

Vigilance 1.0 identifies the complex relationship between crime, personal interest, and a system that rewards police action. The game is part of the Games for Change 2013 Festival Babycastles Hall of Fame.




Mac, Windows