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Launch your character across challenging platforms in a quest to become happy.




In the land of Happ, everything was perfect until the Viroids showed up. A group of evil monsters, the Viroids destroyed the land of the Happ, and deprived them of their joy. In an attempt to right these wrongs, one member of the Happ, controlled by the player, sets off on a perilous journey across 20 challenging levels to make things right.

By tracing an on-screen path for the Happ to follow, the player is able to direct the Happ as it burrows through platforms and launch it through the air to other platforms, trying to reach a nest at the end of each level. As the game progresses, new challenges add to the difficulty, from wormholes that transport the Happ around the map to buttons that must be skillfully hit in order to open levers blocking the path.

Through this journey, Uplifted aims to help players recover some of their own happiness as well. At the end of each level, Uplifted asks the player three questions about happiness, such as “Who is the most important person in your life?”, “What made you smile today?”, or “What are you looking forward to this week?”.

By giving the player an opportunity to reflect on the positive things in life, Uplifted is able to promote positive feelings. Even more, the game remembers all of your answers and keeps them in a bank that the player can access, grouped into categories like Anticipation, Strengths, and Gratitude.

Through this process of inquiry and storage, the game takes the time to know the player, and gives players a chance to better understand themselves. By stretching these questions across the 20 levels, players are rewarded for each challenge they overcome, making it even more meaningful when they must dwell on the positive things in life.

Channel 4 Education




Android, iOS