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The Great Piggy Bank Adventure


Learn about wise financial planning in this virtual board game.

RELEASE DATE 01.01.2009


This digital version of the Disney theme park attraction of the same name challenges players online to define their dreams and realize them through smart investing, saving, and decision-making.

The Walt Disney Company and T. Rowe Price created the Great Piggy Bank Adventure in 2009 to compliment the existing interactive exhibit at the Disney Epcot Center in Florida. T. Rowe Price is a financial institution with a commitment to bringing diverse solutions to their clients. This game is a part of “Innoventions”, Disney’s commitment to delivering brand experiences that are fun but also important to the development of young adults.

The Great Piggy Bank Adventure website is an online board game that challenges players to realize their dream goals by learning and implementing smart savings techniques. As players explore the vast game board island, each new area represents a new round of play and another opportunity to fund a dream goal. As each level progresses, players are given new piggy banks to invest in. Players are invited to test out different ways of investing and learn serious lessons about saving and losing money in a safe and engaging experience.

By allowing players to ultimately succeed or fail through planning techniques, The Great Piggy Bank Adventure shows players various ways their money can come and go. Challenges along the board game path encourage players to make financial decisions on the fly that mirror many of the ones they face in life. The decisions you make as you move across the game board are the key factors that will decide whether you’ll have enough money to fund a dream goal once you reach the end of the level.

Funder: T. Rowe Price