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Battle against your fears to learn problem-solving strategies.




SuperSight gives you the tools you need to overcome your fears. Step into the shoes of an initiate transported deep into the heart of Mount Wrong and fight dangerous creatures embodying the inhibiting feelings that stop you from succeeding in your life. Guided by your mentor, the Wise-Guy, you must defeat waves of enemies in an arena-style, point-and-click battler.

As the battles become more complex and new types of enemies are introduced, more combat abilities are unlocked, providing a wide range of tactical options for the fast-paced gameplay. Each of these abilities is tied to one of the types of enemies and provides an identifiable strategy that can be translated to real-world action. For example, the first enemy type, Fearlines, come in packs led by an alpha Fearline, representing a multitude of problems that must be faced at once. In order to effectively dispatch them, SuperSight suggests tackling the big problem first, and then working around to the smaller problems that hover around the larger one. You are also given a special whirlwind attack, which separates the problems from each other, making it easier to address them one at a time.

SuperSight is part of a larger gamified self-improvement experience called SuperMe, which aims to improve people’s quality of life by focusing on wisdom, ability, influence, and connection. SuperSight, through the problem-solving practices it engenders, fits excellently into this overarching program.

By putting you into a fast-paced experience where the keys to success parallel best practices in problem solving, you are able to internalize processes that will improve your quality of life. For limitless fun and practice, SuperSight contains a second game type, Survival Mode, which allows you to fight against endless waves of enemies, competing against yourself for a high score.

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