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SideKick Cycle


Every 387 downloads of this bike racing game sends a bicycle to an impoverished community.




The first game from the Global Gaming Initiative (GGI), SideKick Cycle is a side-scrolling bike racing game where players avoid obstacles, perform tricks, and collect coins across 30 stages. Every 387 downloads allows World Bicycle Relief, which will also receive half of the proceeds from in-app purchases, to send a bicycle to an impoverished community.

The game’s touch controls are simple—players can tap to jump or hold down on the screen to perform a flip. Style points are awarded for tricks such as multiple flips in a row or long air-time. Botching a landing or hitting an obstacle means players will restart the level from the beginning. To help progress through the game, players can buy SideKicks, or animals that bring various power-ups like the ability to break through rocks or drawing in nearby coins, using coins gathered in-game or through in-app purchases (99 cents to $4.99).

The inspiration for SideKick Cycle came from a trip that GGI Creative Consultant Alejandro Fenn took to Ecuador, where he met a young boy named Javier who could not attend school regularly because of lack of affordable transportation. After the trip, Alejandro and his mother, GGI CEO Elizabeth Sarquis, decided to make a game to bring awareness to the situation and find a way to get children like Javier to school. They spoke about this experience at the 10th Anniversary Games for Change Festival.

An in-app counter keeps track of how many bicycles SideKick Cycle has donated so far.


Contact: http://sidekickcycle.com/contact/




Android, iOS