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Enter the world of Nevermind and challenge yourself to remain calm in uncomfortable situations.

RELEASE DATE 09.01.2015


Enter the world of Nevermind and challenge yourself to remain calm in uncomfortable situations. This proof-of-concept game immerses the player into psychological horror puzzles such as avoiding moving pews in a field that evokies a memory of a funeral. Nevermind strives to be a compelling virtual experience that leaves the player with the tools to face the stresses of the real world.

Players enter the mind of a trauma victim who is unable to process the past events from their life. The player explores the mind of the trauma victim to identify sources of trauma with the goal of finding a path to healing. In the landscape of the mind, players must avoid dark shadows of the subconscious and unlock buried memories.

Developers at the USC Games Program by students with a range of backgrounds and interests in collaboration with industry experts and artists from Atlantic College University, the game demonstrates the potential for a scales experience.

Nevermind was the winner of the 2014 Games for Change Pitch Event.




Biofeedback Sensor, Mac, Windows