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Nanu Planet


Learn about Korea’s Demilitarized Zone and conflict through an allegorical adventure.




Nanu Planet is the story of two space explorers who get separated on a planet split in two (“Nanu” is Korean for “divided”). Through a storybook-like journey, players explore the various areas of Nanu Planet while encountering different characters, puzzles, and adventures.

Through a simple point and click interface, players guide Parchi on his quest to find his partner and love interest, Puchi. Despite the game’s beautiful visuals and cartoon-like characters, Nanu Planet touches upon the deep and somber historical roots of the separation of Korea into its North and South regions. Through metaphor and allegory, players learn about Korea’s past chapter by chapter. You can discover hidden journal entries that flesh out Nanu Planet’s story while in between chapter breaks provide a multitude of resources on Korea’s past – at the same time the game provides an area to speak to others about each chapter, opening up a dialogue around the entire experience.

Gyeonggi-do, Gyeonggi Digital Contents Agency, Samsung, JCE