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Harness your calm to bring light back to the world

RELEASE DATE 02.01.2014


MindLight is a 3D game that uses the mind as the game controller. Through neurofeedback mechanics, the game incorporates evidence-based relaxation techniques and attention bias modification methods to produce an immersive, “haunted” game world through which children learn to face and overcome their anxiety and fears.

In MindLight you explore a dark and old mansion, adventuring and puzzling your way to turn the lights back on with Teru, a magical hat that shines whenever you feel relaxed. Using the neurofeedback headset to play the game, the environment, threats and puzzles all respond to how a player is allocating his/her attention and, thus, how he/she is feeling. Relaxation allows for a light bubble to shine on the surroundings and focused concentration unlocks hiding spaces and allows the player to solve attention bias modification puzzles.




Neurosky Neurofeedback Headset, Windows