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A physics adventure about renewable energy

RELEASE DATE 08.13.2012


Ludwig was created by ovos, an interdisciplinary design company from Austria that focuses on creating digital worlds for clients and customers to enjoy and learn from. This project has received funded from the Austrian Ministry of Education, the City of Vienna, and Ovoid.

Taking 3D point and click adventures to the next level, Ludwig adventures across a beautifully designed world as he tries to find parts to fix his broken spaceship. In order to do so, Ludwig must come to understand the complex physics that govern this strange world called “Earth”. Through a series of upgrades to his mechanical body, Ludwig unlocks more robust tools to analyze and understand an ever growing knowledge base of physics concepts and renewable energy sources.

Unlike most educational games that focus on creating a wonderful experience first and then figure out where to fit the learning, ovos took a different approach. They looked at the core standards of some of the most common scientific curriculums and used that as a framework to build Ludwig’s journey. The concepts, and the order in which you learn them, run parallel to any major physics textbook found in a grade school classroom. This unique method allows Ludwig’s game and learning objectives to fit in to any starting curriculum, allowing students to learn traditionally and along side Ludwig.




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