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International Racing Squirrels


Learn financial literacy while managing a team of racing squirrels.

RELEASE DATE 03.01.2012


International Racing Squirrels combines the thrill of managing a group of racing squirrels with a deep understanding of financial management skills such as balancing monthly bills, income taxes, credit card debt, and more.

This title was developed by Playniac, a London-based independent and commercial game production studio. They’ve collaborated with the BBC, Channel 4, Nickelodeon, and more to produce titles that involve rich subject matter, entertainment, and various learning goals.

International Racing Squirrels is a highly detailed online game that encourages young players to manage an interesting cast of “Racing Squirrels” who travel around the world competing in races across all terrains. As players level up their squirrels and begin making more money, they have the option to buy bigger and better homes, hire more squirrels, purchase stronger power ups and create the best team they can. With all this money comes great responsibility and the impending end of the month billing cycle.

To gain success in this game, players must spend an equal if not greater amount of time understanding and managing their finances. Players start with a small cash balance and move onto gaining a checking account. To promote longevity, players must navigate the best options for a savings account and as they are pressured to do more, players have the option of applying for a credit card. As players receive more gameplay options, a healthy and well thought out financial system is the only way to progress deeper into the game. Learning the intricacies of proper finance is the only way to keep your squirrels racing.

Funder: Channel 4