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Guess My Race


A quiz game designed to get people thinking critically about race, diversity, and more.

RELEASE DATE 01.01.2011


Guess My Race is a quiz game that was designed to get people thinking in new ways, allowing them to think more critically about the extremely complex issues of race, diversity, ethnicity, religion, nationality, class, and culture.

The Guess My Race app takes the form of a “quiz” in which you will see stunning photographs of real people and you must try to guess how these people answered the question “What race are you?” After each guess, you will find out how the person really defines him or herself, along with a quote from that person regarding their identity or their experiences with race. Then you will be shown a thought provoking historical or cultural fact directly related to identity issues. Each quiz will display ten pictures, but you can play over and over with new pictures, quotes and facts each time. Guess My Race will show how something that is considered natural and biological is actually a result of complex historical and cultural constructions. In deconstructing these taken-for-granted ideas, Guess My Race will open your eyes, not only to racial issues, but also to a critical thinking perspective on culture and hegemony more broadly.

Dr. Michael D. Baran and Michael Handelman




iOS, Web/Online