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Giving, Giving, Gone


Open you heart to as many people as you can.

RELEASE DATE 01.27.2013


Giving, Giving, Gone is an elegantly human experience. After pressing the spacebar to open up your heart to others, you must skate around the map of the world, touching the lives of as many people as possible before your character explodes in a burst of light.

As you touch more lives, an aura of color begins to grow around your character, bringing life to a world that is otherwise bleak and dark. You engage with others by being in proximity without colliding into them, which causes you to expire faster. The fluid controls and a pleasantly inspiring audio track help to complete the warmth of Giving, Giving, Gone, providing an experience that stems both from the metaphor of the action and the consideration given to the technical assets of the game.

Constructed in only 48 hours by a team of five people, Giving, Giving, Gone was one of more than 3,000 games produced in 319 locations around the world during the 2013 Global Game Jam. Out of more than 300 “Bigger Picture” games created during the event, Giving, Giving, Gone has been selected along with four other games to be showcased at the Games for Change 2013 Festival.