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Endgame: Syria


A newsgame exploring the Syrian civil war. Can you make the choice to win peace as well as war?

RELEASE DATE 12.08.2012


Endgame Syria, a newsgame developed in about two weeks, examines the complexities of the Syrian civil war through card-based gameplay. Played from the perspective of the Syrian rebels, each turn is divided into two phases, political and military. The consequences of players’ strategic choices, all of which impact the final outcome, are clearly outlined by the game, showing the options available to the Syrian rebels and the long and difficult road to potential war resolution.

Players must balance the in-game currencies of morale and support against the costs of fighting in the war, and decide when and if the time is right to accept a peace treaty. Events in Endgame: Syria can be replayed to show how different choices and strategies lead to different outcomes and maximize players’ understanding of this complex environment.

Prototype FundWatershedPervasive Media Studio




Android, iOS