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Code Fred: Survival Mode


How do your body’s systems work? Learn by helping Fred survive a terrifying night in the woods

RELEASE DATE 01.23.2013


Fred is having an awful night. Lost in the wilderness and pursued by vicious wolves, it doesn’t seem like things could get any worse. The only thing keeping Fred from certain death is his body, a complex series of systems designed to keep him alive. While they operate at full capacity to get Fred back to safety, it is the perfect opportunity to take a close look and examine just how these systems work.

Playing as the different physical systems of Fred, the player must navigate through a series of mouse-based, timed, mini-games to deliver hemoglobin to muscles, deliver protein to important organs and keep Fred one step ahead of the hostile environment that menaces him throughout the night. Driving music and a clear visual design bolster Code Fred: Survival Mode’s gameplay to form an entertaining educational trip inside the body of a man who really needs the player’s help.

Museum of Science and Industry

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