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Citizen Science


A time traveling adventure game about fresh water science.

RELEASE DATE 06.01.2011


Funded by the National Science Foundation, Citizen Science is an adventure puzzle game where the player is taken back through time to help stop the pollution of their local lake. As the player travels back in time, they are challenged to not only learn about the overlapping and many causes of fresh water lake pollution but also the social factors and different constituents that play a role in the cause of certain pollutants.

In Citizen Science, players meet characters that each plays a part in the pollution of your local lake. To change the course of history, you are sent back in time to gather evidence by exploring the environment and asking questions. All the evidence gathered can be used to create “arguments” that are key in being used to change the future. In addition, players at times are asked to gather various data with different scientific tools to help aid in the story’s progress. This allows players to attach a real-world context to the research that is done to understand fresh water science.

National Science Foundation