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Enter a medicine-themed fantasy world, where you take on the role of young healers.




The Caduceus game transports kids to a virtual world where they take on the role of young healers tracking down the source of a mysterious plague. As they solve scientific puzzles, tweens experience the same hurdles that real doctors and scientists face in their work. They are challenged to track down the source of the disease, isolate its causes and mix and match ingredients to find a cure.

As kids conquer each of the game levels, portions of their sponsors’ pledges are unlocked and donated to Children’s Hospital Boston. If they complete all five, they cure the virtual plague, earn the title “Master Healer” and win the full donation amount to advance real-world cures for kids. All funds raised go directly to research to find cures and treatments for debilitating childhood illnesses including cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Kids can enter the Generation Cures Game for Good challenge by registering for free on the Generation Cures site (http://www.kids.generationcures.org). Once registered, kids can reach out to parents, relatives and family friends, asking them to sponsor their game play by making a “Game for Good” pledge of any dollar amount.

Generation Cures teaches kids about the power of compassion and giving. In addition to the site’s interactive Caduceus game, Generation Cures features an animated series about a high school rock band that makes a difference through music and moving kid-directed videos filmed by former patients of Children’s Hospital Boston.