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Try to survive in this audio-only horror adventure.

RELEASE DATE 01.01.2012


BlindSide is a single-player, audio-horror adventure game for iOS, PC, and Mac with no visual display.  The player plays as Case, a man whom – along with the rest of the city – has gone inexplicably blind.  Case and his girlfriend, Dawn, find themselves struggling not only to navigate without sight, but also to avoid the people-eating monsters that have appeared throughout the city.  The player turns Case by rotating in real-life when playing on iOS, or by using the keyboard when playing on a computer, and moves forward and backward using buttons.  This navigates Case through a modeled 3d space that the player can only hear.  Using stereo headphones, the player can locate himself/herself within the space.  The game takes full advantage of audio phenomenon like the Doppler Effect as part of its gameplay, in one instance requiring the player to avoid dangers based on the pitch of the sound as they pass.

Much of BlindSide is inspired by a temporary experience with blindness that one of the two co-creators faced in high school.  While the game is not designed specifically for those who are unable to see, it is designed to be a game that is accessible to everyone.  At the same time, BlindSide is quite challenging as a game, asserting itself not only as an experience but also a game for serious players.  It is refreshing to find that these two categories are not exclusive of each other, and BlindSide adds a uniquely excellent experience to the vocabulary of serious games.




iOS, Mac, Windows