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Resolve the desolation of the balance between nature and machinery.




Bioharmonious makes the player responsible for the fate of two interconnected planets.  The Manufactured Planet, a place of clockwork machinery and choking smog, is on the verge of collapse, and its sister planet, the lush and diverse Natural Planet, will die along with it unless something is done.  Through a process of “bioharmony,” scientists from the Manufactured Planet are able to integrate the flora and fauna of the Natural Planet into their machines to improve the environment of their home world.

Cycling between the two planets, the player must drag objects from one to the other in order to improve the condition of both planets.  Combining different specimens from the Natural Planet with each piece of infrastructure on the Manufacturing Planet will yield a different result, allowing for an array of subtle differences depending on how the player goes about inducing Bioharmony.  The player is limited to six minutes of gameplay before judgment is passed on the planets, which is explained as eight moon cycles within the universe of the two planets.

There are seven different endings to the game, ranging from bad (both planets are destroyed) to  “bioharmonious” (both planets are saved through the integration of nature and machine).  This latter ending is celebrated within the game by joyous music and displays of fireworks, positioning it as a preferred ending to which there seems little in the way of a successful alternative.  This does not hamper Bioharmonious in communicating the problems of a world where nature and machine exist as separated entities however, and its captivating art style pulls the player into a believable environment where this dark binary must be compounded.

Art Works for Change, ATT Foundation