Thursday 04/24/20141:00pm-2:00pm - NYU Skirball Center for Performing Arts
Turning Fantasy Into Reality: Building Games That Schools Need
Countless learning game developers have poured time and energy into building games they think schools will want, only to find out that schools really don’t want what they are selling. The developers generally do not do the due diligence to understand the quirks and complexities of how K-12 schools operate and what it takes to convince educators that a well-designed learning game is not just a nice add-on to the curriculum, but rather a powerful tool to assess students, personalize learning, and raise academic achievement. And the reality is that unless developers convince schools that their games will improve student learning, they will not experience success in the K-12 marketplace. This panel will examine just what it takes to turn the fantasy of a game into a successful learning and assessment tool, the most common mistakes developers make, and what opportunities are mostly likely to open up for game developers trying to crack the code of the K-12 marketplace.