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Come Out & Play
From 10 am – 6 pm, Come Out & Play will run four fun, physical games for families to play together. Games will rotate throughout the day, repeating every hour.

Sesame Street Box Heads: In Sesame Street Box Heads, kids with tablets control grownups wearing boxes and headsets in a real live video game. Unable to see where they are going, the grownups listen for audio commands like “turn” “go forward” and “grab the cookie!” The kids use the arrows on the tablets to race Elmo and Cookie Monster to catch the cookie!

Death Throes of the Republic: An epic live-action retelling of the fall of the Roman Republic, inspired by Dan Carlin’s “Hardcore History.” Three selections from the piece will be premiered at Games for Change.

Running of the Stocks: Join a team and run for our fortune in this parody of the pre-Recession stock market fused with the Running of the Bulls. Collect, trade, and sell sets of stocks over several rounds of frantic play. Be the team with the most money by the Crash and you win. Just be sure to keep moving so you’re not the one gored by the Bulls!

Sandwich Shop: Sandwich Shop is a card-trading game to help players understand the systemic effects of public defecation. Players compete to make the best sandwiches by strategically trading for the best ingredients. Each sandwich consumed gets you closer to winning, but just like in real life, produces a bit of human waste in the process. Can you successfully navigate an increasingly dirty environment to come out on top?